Together Down Memory Lane

Join Us in “Our Journey Together Down Memory Lane”

& in Looking Forward to 2022

A $36,000 Invitational Tribute Opportunity

Certainly, 2021 has been a challenging year for all of us.  In response to the expanded needs of Island families and individuals, the Vashon Care Network experienced and fulfilled an unprecedented demand for medical equipment and supplies from our Care Closet.

  • 1,450 pieces of equipment and a host of medical supplies were provided free of charge to 658 people.  

  • In addition, VCN provided equal amounts of equipment in support of Bridge Disability Ministries and Gateway Medical Alliance.  

  • We enhanced our efforts to support island caregivers by funding scholarships to allow caregivers to attain their certification as Home Care Aides. 

  • And thanks to the generous support of our Island community, we completed our Barn Dance fundraising endeavor and the construction of two inventory storage barns at the Vashon Lutheran Church.