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The Vashon Pharmacy and the Vashon Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)  have 200 free PCR tests available and would like to make them available to our local in-home caregivers. 

Dr Jim Bristow from the MRC recommends that in-home caregivers do a weekly screening test to ensure that you are covid free and can safely deliver in-home care. 

To take this test, you must be 18 years of age or older with a valid email address, phone, and internet access. Tests can be picked up during regular pharmacy hours at the back desk. We recommend you take home four tests in order to have a month’s supply. 

The Everlywell PCR test sample should be administered at home or in your car. Each kit contains instructions on how to obtain a sample and the necessary equipment to collect the sample. The kit also contains a box to return the sample to the testing facility. Tests should be mailed back on the same day as the sample is taken. Mailing is prepaid. Tests should be dropped off the same day before 3pm at the County Store for UPS shipping to their lab for processing. Make sure to mention that you are dropping off a Covid test to avoid the package fee. Turnaround time for getting your results online is 24-48 hours

Please visit the Everlywell COVID-19 test kit site for more information on the test and what is included in the kit. We highly recommend that you watch this video which describes the process for registering, administering and returning your test. 

For more information about testing, see the Everlywell website or contact Sarah Day from the MRC at 206 778-7447,

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