Under Our Umbrella

The Barns Are Up!
Thank you, Vashon, for your generous donations.  We're now customizing the barns for our inventory storage needs.
 Stay tuned!

New Caregiver ZOOM Event!

Sunday, May 16, 4:00-5:30 pm

The Healing Power of

Physical Touch

Attend our latest free Zoom event to learn about using healing touch to relax and awaken energy.  

"Physical touch benefits both the person giving and the one receiving. Especially with older people, gentle touch is incredibly healing and a great way to connect with another person.”  

Candy Jennings, Esthetician & Owner of Glow Skincare Spa. 

Learn more...

Att:  All Vashon Caregivers
The Care Closet has free PPE kits for all of you!

Each kit has:

  • gloves

  • hand sanitizer

  • wipes,

  • a face shield and more...

Providing Community Support

to Vashon Islanders


About Us:


The Vashon Care Network grew out of the need to connect people on Vashon with the services, supplies, and support required to live at home independently.  We act as an umbrella organization to help Islanders in need--offering free medical supplies through our Care Closet, as well as offering information regarding care options for individual care needs.  



Care Closet


Islanders in need of medical equipment (wheelchairs, walkers, shower chairs, crutches

and canes) or personal hygiene supplies (such as Depends, and incontinent care items) can contact our Care Closet which will provide them free of charge and even deliver them to you if you are unable to pick them up.  The Care Closet team will contact you and arrange for pickup within 1 to 3 days .  If you email us, please include a phone number so we can reach you.  

Call:  (206) 473-8715 or

Email us at carecloset@vashoncarenetwork.org

Care Option Resource Line


Our resource line can help families navigate the many care options available on and off the island, to provide appropriate services for individuals in need of care/assistance.  


We have connections to local DSHS-paid caregivers as well as information for those who

are considering considering placement of their loved ones in a facility.

Call:  (206) 498-3667 or

Email us at contact@vashoncarenetwork.org

Community Resource Directory

What services and programs are available for you on the Island?  Find out in this section, along with contact information for each: