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Ways to Donate
We Couldn't Have Done It Without You, Vashon!

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Vashon Community, the Barns are up-- and currently being customized for the Care Closet's storage needs.  Stay tuned for a slideshow of the construction and final result  as soon as they're finished.

An oxygen concentrator is delivered at 2 in the morning in response to an urgent call from a hospice caregiver.
A hospital bed is loaned to a  family to use for a parent who is home from the hospital.
The Covid-19 pandemic and its  economic repercussions are increasing the need for the medical equipment and supplies the Vashon Care Network Care Closet provides free of charge to Vashon islanders.
Last year the Care Closet delivered over 1500 items to 1200 islanders.  This year we're closer to 1800 items and more people are utilizing our all-volunteer free service as they cope with this difficult time we're in.  
Our inventory is increased by donations of equipment that island families & individuals no longer need and by purchasing inventory that is required to meet specific needs,    We  are currently in the process of customizing the two barns which are now erected on the south side of the Lutheran Church building.  We'll finally be able to collect all the items in our inventory in a central location!  Thank you, Vashon!

Our Care Closet offers free medical equipment and supplies for families and individuals to use as long as needed and which are returned for others to use.    

Ways to Donate

The Vashon Care Network:

working to connect people on Vashon with the services, supplies and support required to live at home independently.


Ways to Donate
Ways to Donate

We work to connect individuals with community resources, services or programs to address their needs.

We provide free consultations and information for those who are considering in-home care or placement options to help families find the right accommodations for their loved ones.

Ways to Donate
how to donate
Ways to Donate

Ways to Donate

Phone Call

Contact Us

Call or email us with your questions or for further information about our work at the Vashon Care Network.

Call:  (206) 604-3253

or Email to:

Online Shopping

Pay By Check

Please make your check out to Vashon Care Network.  Mail to:

Vashon Care Network

P.O. Box 13135

Burton, WA  98013

Paying by check is preferred

for larger donations so the entire amount goes to VCN.

Thank you!

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Pay Online

Use any major credit card to donate to our PayPal account.

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