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The Business of Caregiving

Learn the basic business aspects  of caregiving from IRS expert and business consultant:

Deborah Diamond

How can caregivers prepare for their own financial security?
This session is a goldmine of information whether you are a caregiver, or care seeker; an employee or an employer.  Deborah's checklist gives the forms you need for protecting your financial welfare, giving you control over your professional relationship with employers or as employees. Watch a role play and learn how to have the actual conversation about establishing the employer/employee relationship.
Missed the session?  See the video by clicking the link below.  You'll need the password to access the video.
Passcode: usv%vt0=
Deborah Diamond worked for the Internal Revenue Service for 33 years as an auditor, and in customer relations and public education. More recently she served with Vashon Be Prepared to help local businesses take advantage of the various programs offered under the Covid Relief Acts. She is experienced in providing tax assistance for independent caregivers.


The Business of Caregiving workshop is sponsored by the Vashon Care Network with help from a grant from Granny’s Attic.  

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