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How Your Support for VCN Helped Our Community in 2023 

        Our busy Care Closet volunteers have set out over 1,100 pieces of equipment and we've provided hygiene supplies to over fifty individuals.  

        The Caregiver Support Committee supports family caregivers all year long with a weekly support group, a plethora of resources on our website, and educational

opportunities like the Chris Jovanovich Memorial Seminar which featured a nationally known speaker on dementia.


           Our website is also now hosting a Care Givers Directory that lists over thirty active professionals with their credentials, interests and contact information (see our “Find a Caregiver” page on our website).

         We are proud that our mission to enhance our community by supporting caregivers and providing free medical supplies and equipment was reflected this year by

strategic outreach to the native Spanish speakers on the island. Your donated equipment helped us support working families and older folks not served by mainstream providers.

Our work is rewarded by the appreciation of the people we serve and we know we are making a difference in so many lives. We are also making an environmental difference in the world as we reuse medical equipment through our loan program and giveaways and share our extras with international humanitarian partners who take it around the world.

Please take a moment to enjoy the pictures of your support at work. We invite you to join us once again in a tax-deductible year end donation to help our community thrive using the enclosed envelope–or visit our website at to donate online.

Thanks for being part of the Vashon Care Network. Vashon Cares!
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