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Caregivers: Training Opportunities

VCN's HCA Training Scholarship!!!

The Vashon Care Network (VCN) is offering a full scholarship to an Islander to cover the cost of training to become a Home Care Aide (HCA) certified by the State of Washington. This covers Tuition for basic 75-hour training,for the Home Care Aide, Testing Fees, the State Certification Fee, and Transportation.

Caregiver Training Opportunities

Scholarship info & application

VCN Scholarship!

Background: Home Care Aide (HCA) Training

Several times a year, the Vashon Care Network (VCN) is offers full scholarships through an application and selection process to Islander caregivers to cover the cost of training to become a Home Care Aide (HCA) certified by the State of Washington.  A panel considers the applications and selects 1 to 5 applicants through a careful process based on criteria for caregiving success (see "Candidate Qualifications" below) 


A certified Home Care Aide can work as a caregiver, at a nursing or assisted living facility, at an adult family home or as an Independent Provider (IP) in the homes of families who have been approved for state aid under the Washington COPES program[1].  


Not only does the training provide a strong educational and skills foundation for caregivers, but the certification is essential in meeting the care needs of low-income families who qualify for state-funded caregiving assistance. The Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), which pays for in-home care for individuals who qualify, requires that certification.  Here on Vashon, there is a shortage of qualified HCAs. This means that even if a low-income family qualifies for COPES aid for a loved one at home, they may have a hard time finding a qualified caregiver.  Private care is often prohibitively expensive.


The HCA training can be a springboard to a career in healthcare -- a short further training leads to certification as a CNA (certified nursing assistant), and provides the basis for further training in the nursing profession and other healthcare fields.



[1] COPES is a state program that provides comprehensive care management and helps pay for personal care, home health care, transportation and other services for older adults in their home.

Scholarship Description 

The full scholarship will cover:

  • Tuition for basic 75-hour training for the Home Care Aide. The training, covering both classroom and practical skills, will be provided by Cornerstone Healthcare Training, ( At this time during the pandemic, the training is entirely on line and is a self-paced curriculum.  

·       Testing fees, the state certification fee, and transportation Testing sites are currently open and are located in the greater Seattle area.  The per-person cost for the training is $936. That figure includes $664 for the course, $137 for DSHS home care aide certification exam fee, $85 Department of Health Application Fee and $50 to cover transportation. 


The scholarship recipient will have a mentor, an experienced Island HCA, who can help guide them through the process and mentor them in a home setting once they complete training and are matched with a patient in the COPES system.

Candidate Qualifications
  • Key caregiver qualities:  dependability, compassion, patience, humor, good social skills, honesty, physical strength and endurance

  • Caregiving can be stressful and demanding with many challenges. The best caregivers have a passion for patient care.

  • Commitment to use HCA training to provide care to individuals and families on Vashon Island.  

Application Process 
  • Interested applicants can complete a written application form available on the Vashon Care Network (see: Online Application button below) website  (  Applications can be submitted online or a hard copy can be sent to: Vashon Care Network / ATTN.:  Bridget Webb. / PO Box 13135  / Burton, WA  98013    (See Print Application Button below)

  • Completed applications are due by August 30, 2021.  

  • All applications will be reviewed by a panel of experienced caregivers.  

  • Final candidates will be interviewed by the panel with selection complete by September 30, 2021.

caregiver qualifications

Online Health Care Aide (HCA) & Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) Training

Cornerstone Healthcare Training is a licensed private vocational school that provides online caregiver training.  It was founded by Robin Van Hyning, RN, MSN.  She and her team have a passion for caregiving, and support caregivers in skill building and gaining certification.   


Cornerstone has supported and trained over 30,000+ healthcare professionals in Washington State.  Check out their free COVID-19 Caregiving Course:

Senior Patient with Walker
Online Training
Dementia Care & Training
Dementia Care & Training  

Teepa Snow, an occupational therapist with forty years of clinical practice experience, is one of the world’s leading educators on dementia and the care that accompanies it. Her company, Positive Approach® to Care (PAC), provides a wide variety of services to enhance awareness and increase dementia care skills, including Speakers, Trainers, Teepa Talks and Certifications.


Her website offers a variety of short, free videos on dementia management and care.

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